Doctorate by coursework

Two years are devoted to prerequisite coursesand two years are devoted to writing the thesis. The programme begins in January.

Professional doctorates - Research - University of South Australia

The programme comprises a thesis, with advanced courses as a pre-requisite to registering for the thesis. A candidate will ordinarily complete the coursework in the first two years before proceeding to the thesis.

Degree Information

The programme is equivalent to HEQF credits. The pre-requisite courses are non credit bearing for this programme. Required courses:. A: Two courses not taken in terms of the rules above to be chosen from:. Options may be added or withdrawn according to circumstances each year.

Doctor of Philosophy

If a student fails an elective, they may substitute it with another elective. There will be no supplementary examinations.

In this program, mastery of the professional body of knowledge is achieved in the coursework component, while the thesis component of the program develops the research skills necessary for an experienced practitioner to be able to make a significant contribution to the continuous improvement of professional practice in the field of cyber security. Doctor of Information Technology UNSW Canberra This program is intended to prepare candidates for the highest level of professional practice, in which they can contribute significantly to the development of the discipline of Information Technology.

Doctor of Project Management UNSW Canberra This program is intended to prepare candidates for the highest level of professional practice, in which they can contribute significantly to the development of the discipline of Project Management.

Doctoral Degree of Management in Leadership and Sustainable Development

The degree consists of one-third coursework equivalent to one-year full-time study and two-thirds research equivalent to two-years full-time study which may be in an area encountered by the student while undertaking coursework. The research and thesis will offer a candidate the opportunity to research a real-world, work-based problem or issue where the objective is to make a novel contribution to practice. Professional Doctorate in Public Policy and Governance. Designed for policy makers seeking leadership roles in public policy development, this program combines doctoral research with postgraduate coursework study in advanced policy work.

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Doctor of Education. The Doctor of Education EdD program is designed for education professionals working in schools and systems and serves the needs of individuals who wish to consolidate, refine, and expand their theoretical understandings of educational policy and practice and to apply these in their own contexts. This Program provides the opportunity to combine postgraduate coursework study directly related to an area of advanced social work practice with doctoral research that builds social work knowledge, leading to the presentation of a doctoral thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy Practise-based PhD. This PhD is aimed at practitioners operating within or across the broad range of disciplines represented in the Faculty, from architecture and design to planning and construction.

Doctor of Cyber Security. High level professional practice in the field of cyber security involves the continuous improvement of the associated body of knowledge in order to manage the ever-increasing complexity of information security and assurance. Doctor of Information Technology.

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